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10 Steps To A Healthy Adult Hookup

by Floyd Savage on August 21, 2013


“Healthy Adult hookup ideas”

A casual relationship should be what the name suggests, casual and nothing else. Sometimes people need these kinds of relationships to ease sexual tension that they would find difficult to deal with otherwise. Some persons met their casual partner on adult hookup sites. However, a causal relationship is usually based on mutual understanding, respect and privacy. Sometimes the rules are not defined and sex just happens through spontaneous encounters. To many, this is a satisfying type of relationship that is just a step above one night stands. If you’ve been trying to use hook up sites online as your primary source of sites to get laid, know that not all adult hookup sites are created equal – and that there are many scams you must be aware of. But that’s a conversation for another day. There are times however, when adult hookups end in regret and frustration. This will happen when there are no set rules and guidelines for each party to follow. When left unchecked, lines can be crossed, feelings hurt and trust will ultimately be broken. Setting limits and standards keep an adult hookup both healthy and rewarding. Here are 10 simple steps to a healthy adult hookup.

1. Plan ahead and be prepared

Rules and Guidelines

“Plan ahead always”

Do not plan too far ahead to freak out your hookup date; nevertheless a little scheduling is important. Remember that you are not together, so call her in advance so that she can prepare herself for you at a convenient time. Also, make sure that you prepare yourself before you meet her. Take a shower, cut your nails, groom yourself and be sure to bring condoms. Preparation is key to a healthy adult hookup.

2. Never refer to your casual fling as a relationship

Get your priorities right and avoid sending her mixed signals. From the very start, even after connecting with her from adult hookup sites, make it very clear that your intended relationship is completely unromantic and unattached. During the course of your casual relationship, avoid sending her mixed signals by inviting her out for dinner, talking too much about personal issues and so on. Also, avoid things that are characteristic of relationships like fights, arguments, cuddling and jealousy. She might become confused about your aim and the nature of the relationship. Avoid this at all costs. Make sure that you fully understand, agree and have common expectations.
On another note, avoid entering this type of partnership hoping that it becomes romantic. This is not what it should be, and this is not what it is. You are in an easy-sex-partner agreement. She has to be the very same thing to you in your mind. Not a thing more, nothing less. Even though there are times when romance can blossom from casual adult hookups, it would be a chance of nature rather than an objective. Expect anything else and you will be setting up yourself for disappointment. Your ultimate aim is to have a fun filled, satisfying, platonic relationship, where you can be as open and as daring as you want to be.

3. Never hook up with your best friend

The point of adult hookups is to avoid being tied up in a relationship. Your best friend is already your close friend. Therefore, hooking up with her is simply taking your friendship a step further, making your relationship a regular intimate and romantic one. This is someone you care deeply about. You share personal issues and may have many things in common. Using someone that you have feelings for, for sex is a bad idea. This would be a selfish act. Get your motives right. Find a willing participant from one of the many adult hookup sites and make arrangements to get laid. Having this type of relationship with your best friend will put your relationship on the line. You will never see each other the same way again.

4. Everyone is free to date whoever they want


“Date whoever you want to date”

Do not be surprised to see your hookup date in public with someone else. Keep in mind, you are expected to have some understanding. You are free to date and hookup with whom you please as well. Give a simple wave when you see her with someone else. If you are close by and are good friends, a slight peck on the cheek would be fine. Whatever you do, resist jealousy. You have to realize that merely because you have determined that your casual companion is adequate to satisfy your sexual urges, does not mean that it is the same for her. Avoid asking follow-up questions, unless of course, she offers information. On a final note, do not exhibit negative feelings towards the other person.

5. Try to get naked as soon as you are privately together

From the very moment you visited adult hookup sites, your intention was all about sex. There is no need to plan an outfit unless you are planning to wear something sexy for sex play with your hookup date. As your date arrives or as you arrive at her house, start to get busy by removing your clothes to get straight to the point as soon as possible. Lounging about in clothes would subtly place you in the relationship territory after a while.

6. When you leave, take your belongings with you

Adult Hookup Sites

“Don’t leave anything behind”

Be sure to give her stuff to her as soon as she is ready to go. Also, never leave your belongings at her place. Leaving toiletries, pieces of clothing and so on can be a territorial notion which is unwelcome in casual relationships. Do not overstep your boundaries, and if your partner is out of place, let her be aware of it.

7. Avoid calling or texting all the time

“Stop calling all the time”

“Stop calling all the time”

If you want your casual friend to remain casual and not be annoyed with you, do not call for sexual meetings every single day. Use your discretion. Two to three times each week should be ample for hook ups. Do not call to find out how she is doing three times per day and do not call to bug her about trivial matters.

8. Respect each other’s personal and private lives

Remember, as your casual date, she is free to live her life as she pleases. You are also free to do as you want. Whatever you do, be sure to keep your relationship private and secret. This will prevent any future embarrassment for her. Be a decent and respectable person. If she wants to be discreet with your dates, keep it that way.

9. Avoid introducing friends or relatives

Avoid introducing your hookup friend to your friends or relatives. Since you are not in a committed relationship with her, no one has to know what you are doing. Introducing her to friends and relatives will only spark questions and curiosity. Also, you probably do not want your friends (especially male) to know her and to know about your sex buddy arrangement with her. With this knowledge, they might find her attractive and try to hook up with her as well.

10. Do not be selfish

While you should avoid excessive cuddling and love dove business, you should not throw her out after sex either. It is okay to have a neutral or a sexy conversation with her. Also, give her time to fix herself up after sex, make sure that she is alright before and after she leaves.

Even if everything is going well, be prepared to let go and move on at any time. You cannot get too attached to casual relationships. Just enjoy every moment of it while it lasts. If this adult hookup did not work out for you, then there are many adult hookup sites with thousands of potential sex companions for you. Remember, hookup relationships are designed to be short-lived. Your best bet is to follow the steps and experience a healthy and fulfilling casual relationship.

Spicing Things Up In The Bedroom

by Floyd Savage on August 18, 2013

Every relationship falls into a rut. And more often than not, one of the first aspects in a relationship that can get affected is the act of making love. Either you’re both too tired to do it, or things have just become too monotonous that you end up not doing it at all. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, fear not. Here are a few things that you can do so things can get hot and steamy between you two once more.

Try Something New

The reason why things have become too boring in bed is because you both have probably been doing the same thing over and over again, for a good while now. So try a new position. Be frisky. Be flirty. Be adventurous.

Role Play

You’ve all probably heard of this countless times before, and if you think this isn’t your cup of tea, it’s time to start changing how you think. Role playing with your partner can open up a whole new world of exciting possibilities. Think sexy, dress up naughty. We’re not suggesting anything freaky, but if you ever find yourselves doing something that could be classified as such, don’t be surprised that you had it in you.

Spice things up in the bedroom by experimenting with a different sex position every month

Spice things up in the bedroom by experimenting with a different sex position every month

Make The Foreplay Last A Little Bit Longer

If you think kissing up a bit before you move in for the kill is building up a fire, you’re in for a big disappointment (as if you don’t know). If you really want it to be explosive, then do foreplay twice, thrice, four times as long. Caress each other. Compliment each other’s bodies. Stare into their eyes. If that won’t arouse them to the ends of the earth, nothing will.

Do It Some Place Else

No, we’re not talking about doing it in public. There are certain states which have declared that illegal. You both don’t want to end up in jail now, do you? We’re talking about other places within your home that you can let loose. The kitchen is a good place to bring your wildest fantasies to life. Doing it on the countertop? Freaky! How about the couch? Nice! The poolside? Adventurous! The backyard? As long as you got high walls to keep you from prying eyes, go for it! There are so many places to get wild and carefree. Stretch your imagination beyond the bedroom, and that thought’s enough to heat things up.

Here are resolutions for a rocking sex life

Here are resolutions for a rocking sex life

Watch an Adult Film Together

Watching porn together can help a great deal if you’re both having a real hard time doing the deed. Porn can get anybody in the mood, as there are couples who get an instant thrill looking at the screen, watching people doing the same things they’re about to do. It’s hot, it’s lusty, and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

These are just a few things that you can do to spice up your sex life with your partner once again. In reality, there are dozens more that you can do. The key is to let yourself loose, and be open-minded about exploring stuff together. It’s bound to get you hooked. 

The Dawn Of The Tablet: Its Impact In Our Old Computer

by Floyd Savage on August 15, 2013

When out shopping for the latest in gadgets, it’s hard enough that there are just way too many good ones for sale out there—but to identify which one would best suit your needs is even harder. Especially now that the battle between tablets and laptops is raging on! And while the tablet may appear to have the upper hand for now, the laptop still has a few tricks up its sleeve. But there is no question that ever since the tablet has gone ‘mainstream’; it has improved the lives of both the young and the old—and has also significantly enhanced their skills to get in touch with their loved ones through its many great features and functions. Today, we are going to find out just how big its impact is in the lives of millions of individuals around the world.

For a first timer, using the tablet may look intimidating. After all, it doesn’t have that many buttons and keys like the laptop. But it wouldn’t take any individual too long to get used to using it either. In fact, it may even only take a few minutes. And once they get the hang of it, everything else will follow. You can see people of all ages carrying one around. They use it for practically almost anything. Sending e-mails, video-chatting, updating their Twitter and Facebook accounts, etcetera.

With the tablet, almost anything can be updated in real time. You can post pictures of where you are, what you’re doing, what you’re eating, and who you’re with. It’s fun. It’s easy. And it would only take a few seconds for your friends and family to find out about it.

More Benefits of Having A Tablet

More Benefits of Having A Tablet

With the thousands of apps available for each and every interest known to every person, there will always be something new to explore, to do, to share, and have fun with. Now, mixing work with pleasure just got a whole lot easier. You can be sunbathing at the beach, sipping a piña colada in one hand and holding your tablet on the other, and checking on inventory and company updates. It only takes a second for it to load, and another few seconds for you to set up everything you need to get back on full work mode once more. Provided that you have access to Wi-Fi, you will get a lot of good things done with your tablet. And once you’re done, you can go back to surfing the net or playing your favorite game to beat the highest score (which belongs to no other than you).

But what’s even more astonishing about the tablet is it has quickly adapted to the world of the academe. It has become a requirement in several schools, and it looks we will see more of them in classrooms in the not-so-distant future.

Access to Wi-Fi

Access to Wi-Fi

Getting your hands on the latest books has also become a lot easier, not to mention cheaper. With the right book reader app, it won’t take long before you’re reading another one of your favorite author’s latest bestsellers. And you don’t even have to turn the lights on to do it! It has settings so you can adjust the brightness of the screen, therefore reducing eye strain. Now you can literally fall asleep reading a book at night. No more printing. No more paper-cuts. No more trees to cut down. So it’s good for the environment too!

Truly, using the tablet has greatly enriched the lives of so many people. And getting one isn’t even that hard. There are a lot of units out there that are right within the budget. You just have to do your research real well to make sure that what you’ll be purchasing is good in quality. Good luck!

Saving Your Money: 3 Tips to Accelerate Your Savings

by Floyd Savage on July 18, 2013

Do you always find yourself in a dilemma when it comes to saving? Saving up is better said than done. You always plan on saving but when payday comes you’re out there shopping (for things that you don’t really need). People who have fat bank accounts are definitely those who know how to save. You might wonder why they are able to do so and you’re not. Saving money isn’t really a rocket science. Everyone can save, if they are just willing to do so, willpower you call it. However, if you really want to learn the art of saving there are several points you should consider.

It’s a Matter of Brain Conditioning

When you want to save, train your brain to do so. If you intend to live a lavish kind of life, how will you be able then to stash money in your bank account? It takes to be a cheapskate for you to be able to successfully pull it through. Don’t buy things only because you want them, only when you’re in dire need for them. You can try reusing stuffs that are still serviceable instead of spending cash. Also try to observe the kind of lifestyle your frugal friends live.

Find Best websites to manage and saving your money online

Find Best websites to manage and saving your money online

Settle for Less

If you want to save a decent amount, settle for something less. For instance, when you go out for lunch try to eat somewhere reasonably priced instead of fine dining. Better yet, you eat at home. You can also try to take the bus rather than hailing a cab or a taxi. Sure enough there are also stuffs out there that are of good quality without spending a hefty amount. You may also go to a flea market where you can haggle. You’ll just be surprised how much money you’ve spared from haggling.

Keep Track of Your Finances

Above all, make it a daily habit to keep track of your finances. When you go shopping, list the things that you need so you’ll not end up spending on something useless. It is also suggested that you list all your payables for a certain period so you’ll know how and what to allot your money. This would help give room for you to start saving.

 Saving your money, only use ONE piggy bank

Saving your money, only use ONE piggy bank

There are countless ways for you to accelerate your savings. However, you should also keep in mind that there are also external factors that hamper you from doing so including your high-roller friends who do nothing but splurge on unnecessary stuffs. So, if you really have a strong desire to save up you better keep the distance from them, not that they bring you harm. Remember that saving up also requires some concentration.

3 Business Books That I Have Read Last Year

by Floyd Savage on July 4, 2013

The year 2012 was an interesting year when looking at the business side. There were a lot of event that have affected the businesses. For example, this was the year where the U.S. Presidential Election took place. During this time also, the businesses are still trying to cope with the ongoing financial crisis. There were even a lot of people who believed that the world would end by the end of December. However, this did not come true. These major events have affected the business side in their own little ways.

If you are looking for a business book to read, then you came to the right place. You no longer need to look for one because I was able to read three of the best business books in the market. Here are the best business books that I’ve read last year.

The Fear Index

Where man exists, fear also exists. Fear exists in almost any human engagement – be it in hiking in the woods or in investing money on a certain transaction. Fear exists even in business. Investors fear that what they invest in might fail and they lose everything. Entrepreneurs fear that their business might fail and they end up losing a lot of money. Fear is real and it shouldn’t be denied. This is basically what is explored in the hit book “The Fear Index”. This is a financial thriller that will scare you in your seat and at the same time gives an overview how hedge-fund people earn their living. This was released last January 2012 and is authored by Robert Harris. Reading this book would make you ask questions and make you wonder how far will man go just to predict and get the best out of his investments.

 Robert Harris

Robert Harris

How Will You Measure Your Life

The next book is titled, “How Will You Measure Your Life“. This is more of a retrospective book and at the same time a business book. This book was the result of the collaboration of Clayton Christensen, James Allworth and Karen Dillon Perez. To those that have been reading business books for a long time, Christensen might be familiar to you because he is called as the Innovation Guru. His previous works were also best-sellers including the book “The Innovator’s Dilemma” which many consider as one of his greatest works. This book was helpful to many businesses and has inspired a lot of executives. In this book, he explores various aspects of a business man’s journey through questions parallel to question, how do you lead a fulfilling life? The author emphasizes that in our quest to be successful in business, relationships and moral decisions will matter most.

Power Listening: Mastering the Most Critical Business Skill of All

It easy to talk about anything for the entire day but there are only few who value the skill of listening. This book was authored by Bernard Ferrari and was released in March 2012. This book pointed out that in the fast-paced environment and constant changes, listening is often undervalued and often remain an undeveloped business skill. I like and agree with this because indeed a lot of businesses fail because somewhere in the line of command, a person wasn’t listening. When this happens, this will result in poor decision-making. Listening therefore is an important skill in business and is critical to success.

 Bernard Ferrari

Bernard Ferrari

Effective Tips On Getting Ripped Quick Time

by Floyd Savage on June 27, 2013

Do you have plans to get ripped quick time? Are you confused by the huge chunk of information out there in both print and internet on the various ways of gaining muscle fast? Well, worry no more. First and foremost it is important that you know that you are not alone. Many individuals constantly want to be in a great shape. However, they get put off even before they start because all this demands both time and effort for effective results to be seen. A good number start off but get disheartened along the way and eventually give up.

One you must know is that muscle building cannot happen overnight. It is impossible. Always remember that. The good news is that by following a particular routine and actually sticking to it, growing your muscle can happen sooner than you even anticipated. You will get an incredible body shape that will leave the girls and everyone around mouth wide open in amazement. Just follow the three tips or advices below and discover the magic.

Put Protein and Creatine Shake To Use

Protein plays a huge role in building muscles. It is imperative that your body has substantial protein levels for the development of strong muscle blocks. Various foods or diets exist that contain high amounts of proteins. However, eating these foods alone might be enough in building muscles real time quick. By supplementing the diet with protein shake, you are guaranteed of acquiring that great body you are always dreaming about.

Find Rules For Staying Fit, Strong and Ripped

Find Rules For Staying Fit, Strong and Ripped

Protein shake comes in handy in building powerful, strong and large body muscle. Taking protein shaking after meals or three times a day and taking part in vigorous exercises will surely achieve awesome results. Within some few days and months, you will start noticing huge muscle developments.

Do Workouts or Exercises That Enhance Muscle Developments

The most obvious question in everyone’s mind right now is which type of exercises promotes fast muscle development? Well, the most common mistake people make is straining themselves almost to death in the name of ‘working out’. What you should know is that for muscles to develop, you need to engage your body in lifting different weights in different workouts. Do not lift the same weights over and over. Adjust and lift heavy weights as you progress in your workouts. Workouts such as circuit training, tire flip, complexes, sledgehammer exercises, hill sprints and many more all come in handy in building muscle blocks. Combine weight lifting with fat burning exercises for maximum results.

Muscular Strength Exercises at Home

Muscular Strength Exercises at Home

Check On Your Diet and Water Intake

Honestly speaking, no magic diet exits for quick time muscle building. Nevertheless, you ought to check on your carbohydrates, proteins and fat food intake. Make adjustments in these diets and you will discover huge changes.

The other important aspect that most people overlook is water. As you lift weights and do exercises, your body loses water through sweat. Drink plenty of water as you do your workouts to increase the metabolism rate for faster results.

The above three tips are quite effective in building muscles fast. Please follow them to the latter if at all you want quick time results. All the best in muscle building!